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A Young God's Vision

Ever since I can remember I have been calling myself A Young God (which in reality is like around the 9th grade). I can honestly say I do envision myself as one. I want my page to inspire others to be their truest versions of themselves. While I'm still figuring out what that means for me allow you to get a RAW, uncut, all exclusive access into me, my brand, and my future!

This logo is when #AESTHETICS & #HOSPITALITY are two of your passions. What better way than being able to use #socialmedia and the internet as your platform to combined them both! Longevity speaking I'd love to see my photos plastered all over my hotels & resorts. But in the meantime my website will do. We offer a wide arrangements of services from photography to events management.

This upcoming year I challenge myself & YOU to aspire to be greater than just one entity. This last election has taught me NOT to be fearful️ but to go after whatever I want! With the upcoming election underway if you haven’t been inspired you’re going to be left behind. You decide your own path.... choose wisely, stay in your lane & make the industry come to you !
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