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Athens, Greece (Bolivar Beach Bar)

September 2019 - my first time in Athens, Greece. I am a late bloomer in the "Global CItizen" category. I just started to travel in the beginning of 2018. I spent two weeks in Paris (April) and fell in love with the whole "international travel game". So when my mother asked to go to London (Sept) for her 50th (it was no thought at all). I was all in, this is where I end up meeting my current boyfriend (so it was a win-win). Athens has the perfect weather, great food, and their customer service is amazing (aside from taxi drivers). I went to Greece to meet my boyfriend's parents. We have been dating for over a year and things are getting serious. Being that I was the first woman he has ever "brought home to his mother" the pressure was on! I was super worried about the language barrier and respecting any traditions that Romanians might have had, but they were dope! This whole trip was one for the books. Since my boyfriend is Romanian and his parents don't speak English, any and all translator apps became our best friend and greatest ally. Before this trip I had never imagined stepping foot on a beach in Greece. But once I had my toes in the sand I was hooked. We were in Athens for a week and I felt like a native by the third day! With local markets around the corners and late night bars every night, what's not to love?

The amount of people on their phones at the bar SHOCKED me. I was the only one, it made me realized how much we don't really socialize when we are out in America. It was nice to actually enjoy the moment rather than record it.


The food was to die for! The sunset was beautiful as if Picasso painted it himself. I have also remember eating Greek salads as a child but having the real deal while looking into the sea was a completely different experience. I truly felt so blessed to have an amazing man who allowed all this to happen for me. ALL expenses paid from flight to sights, when a man truly wants you he makes no excuses. This trip truly solidified our love and I cannot wait to see what is in store for us next.

Here's a sneak peek behind the scenes of our vacation ...

Til next time folks!

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